GT Icons "Stradale"

Rare historic and iconic GT cars

In the sixties, times were changing. So did the cars. The car industry of the late sixties and early seventies was characterized by bold and exuberant designs, the use of new materials such as plastics and of course strong performance. The Italian car manufacturers especially stood out with some of the most iconic race cars and GT sports cars ever produced.

These cars deserve all the love they can get when being restored. At Corsa e Strada we oversee the restoration and overhaul of classic Italian GT sports cars with passion and enthusiasm. Each Project results in an original, period correct car, that is as stunning as it was decades earlier when Italian craftsmen brought it to life.

  • source late 1960-ies, early 1970-ies cars
  • focus on Italian brands and designed cars
  • each project must have as a final result a rare, original, period correct car, where every detail has been part of a thoroughly and hyper detailed restoration and overhaul process

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