Giving each project car the love it deserves.

"Passion. Perfection. Professionalism."

Many race cars and iconic GT cars were born from it. With the same philosophy Corse e Strada restores and rebuilds them to their original glorious condition. We approach Italian (Ferrari and Lancia) competition cars and classic Italian GT’s not merely as objects but as Projects. With unparalleled attention to chassis, mechanics, electronics, body and interior we bring each car back to its original and period correct condition. Cars like these need the love of real enthusiasts. Only then do they shine, growl and perform true to their Italian DNA.

Discover the 2 main focuses of Corsa e Strada:

  1. Rare historic Ferrari competition cars
  2. Rare historic and iconic GT sports cars, original and period correct

Some of the project cars are added to our own collection. Others find their way to delighted new owners.

CORSE E STRADA Service Offering